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Do it yourself!



Here’s how you can add a sudden jolt of style to your decor…


Materials you would need

1. Clean and dry glass bottles
2. Thick cotton thread
3. Dry stems
4. Wrapping paper
5. Glue stick
6. Scissors

This is how you would do it

Step 1 Clean the bottle; remove the paper and metal labeling

Step 2
Cut the wrapping paper in an appropriate size and paste 
it around the bottle

Step 3
Make a thick cord by folding the thread multiple times

Step 4
Twist the cord and tie it around the bottle to make a neat 
butterfly knot

Step 5
Add more to it by placing the dry branches inside the bottle


Go creative and opt for different prints, stripes and
textures according to your taste.

Enliven your love for all things bright by painting the
branches in bold colors.