Accessorize those curtains beautifully

Even though you know what kind of curtains you want for your home, it’s necessary to ensure that those lovely drapes complement your space. One of the ways to ensure this is by using the right curtain props. From curtain rods & gliders to hooks and fittings, here’s a guide to help you make the best accessory purchase:

Give a finishing touch with curtain rods: These practical props complete the overall décor. Gliders in bronze, golden and silver are common options that blend perfectly with all kinds of curtains – irrespective of their design or color.


Go for good-quality designer hooks: If you think that curtain hooks don’t have much role to play, you’re mistaken. Hooks add character to overall look of the curtains. Therefore, don’t settle with plastic hooks but pick the colored ones. For instance; for curtains in light hues, bright colored-hooks will do wonders.

Decorative curtain pelmets: Placed above the windows, pelmets conceal the curtain rods and add a luxurious feel to any setting.


Bring finesse with curtain tiebacks: Give a classy look to your curtains even when they are placed on the sides with the help of tiebacks. Simply get a curtain holder fixed on the wall and let those lovely drapes hang neatly.

Think beyond fixtures and fittings: Opt for curtain gliders and dressers in complementary shapes, colors and sizes to enhance the beauty of the curtains.


Bring your windows and doors to the limelight with not only striking curtain but also complementing accessories. Are you game? Good luck!