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Golden Renaissance

Radiant, grandiose & majestic – That’s how one chooses to define the color ‘gold’. Be it for a traditional twist or flashes of modernity, gold makes for an ideal decor color. However, it isn’t easy to incorporate this color in homes. Read on.

1) Pairing gold with other colors – Since gold is such a majestic color, it easily devaluates the power of other colors paired with it. Therefore, it is necessary to wisely choose those colors that complement gold and keep your living space from feeling too static. Gray, brown, white and pale yellow are hues that perfectly create a balanced décor with gold. pairing–gold

2) Playing with golden props –Glinting metallic accents bring a fresh, glamorous aesthetic to a formal living room setup. But that’s possible only when the tone of the overall décor is minimal. Playing with golden props in loud interiors is undoubtedly a décor disaster.


3) Creating a focal point in the room – The best way to instill the luxe effect of gold in your home is to create a focal point. It can be in the form of a wall accent or a piece of furniture. The result will be nothing less than a grandiose living space.


4) Impress guests with golden tableware – Create a royal charm on the dining table with golden kitchenware and linen. While it is the not the most preferred choice, it definitely creates a unique design statement.


5) Intricate golden detailing – It is not about just playing with gold in huge volumes. Little pops of this color in the form of a mirror frame, bathroom taps or even a chandelier can add sophistication to the overall look of the room.


6) Drapes in gold – Recreate the atmosphere of grandeur and richness with heavily-designed golden curtains. Even though the color can be too overbearing on the décor, it does create an inviting & a dramatic ambience. Make sure other accessories and linen are minimal.