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Smart Seating Mixup

Consider your living room a blank canvas at your disposal. Would you like to use just one color and that too in a monotonous pattern? You won’t, right? Then why do that with your living room furniture? Did you know that even your latest sofa set would go unnoticed if you don’t play the mix-up right?

So, add some ottomansaccent chairs and stools to accompany your sofa, and make way to accommodate a larger number of guests. Arranging the seats in the shape of the room is a good idea. It helps in utilizing the corners well while maintaining adequate walking space.

To get a better idea, check out these admirable arrangements:

Smart Seating Mixup Smart Seating Mixup  Smart Seating Mixup
Smart Seating Mixup

To get a lively living room, all you need is a right furniture layout with highlighting accents. Also, remember that the additional seats themselves can work as accessories if chosen in contrasting colors. If your room is already bright and peppy, go for subtle looking add-ons.