Your home, your sanctuary

Spell tranquility mingled with a hint of opulence to your living space.

We want to grab your attention towards a home that imparts relaxation as well as luxury. Imagine a clutter-free home with the placid prints and textures, soothing aroma, comfy perches and much more.

Here are some inspiring tips:

Comfort is key: The recliner you lounge on, the mattress you sleep on and the snug cushions can be your best bets for comfort.


Season based fabrics: You wouldn’t like to lean on a thick bed sheet in summers., would you? So, choose the right fabric depending on the season. Further, opt for sheer curtains with rich cotton lining for a pleasant setting; go for jute rugs and mats to ensure a cool environment.

designer chair

Bathroom spa and scents: Give ample time to grooming. Make certain arrangements in your bathroom so as to ensure that your body is pampered to the core. Mists, soap stones and scents are major mood enhancers.

bathroom decor

Cut the clutter:  A cluttered home is not healthy for your mind. Take out time to organize, beautify and eliminate ‘the extras’, time and again.


Spread that happy vibe: Bestow harmony and positive energy with the help of feng shui elements. The lighting in the room must soothe your mind and create a refreshing environment. For this, feng shui suggests the presence of dim light in the bedroom.


Have some more tips? Write to us in the comment box below. Happy relaxing!