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Drape it up, magnificently

Want to play with the interiors of your home to impart a new look at every occasion within a budget? Well, change, shuffle and do something smart around curtains! These are not just the cynosure of your eyes but offer the most affordable way out to deck-up your abode with a fresh look. Read on: 1-shutterstock_69439273Choosing colors Experiment with colors that make your room vibrant. Enhance the mood with bright yellow, brilliant blue or classy purple. Cool shades like grey, white and blue give the room a soft look. Browns & green add a pleasing earth tone. The key is to pick colors that may make you feel good! 1-shutterstock_69991756Curtain length Shorter curtains give a casual feel to the room while the longer ones impart a visually perceived height. So, you can choose what you like! Additionally, if you want to give your room a formal touch, look for curtains that drape to the floor.   1-shutterstock_115073086Light control To diminish the incoming light, go for laces which produce a wonderful effect and add sheer magic to your home. You can experiment with fabric shades or insulated curtains to block out the sun. These curtains will not only help you keep away from sunlight but also give you privacy when you want it. Intensify the glam-quotient of your room by wrapping the windows in silk, cotton, or polyester curtains. Don’t be afraid of the sun; just pull your curtains down when you feel the need!