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Mind Your Table Manners

A guide to richer and more graceful contemporary living.

They say when it is a matter of an empty stomach, why mind the manners? People, we insist otherwise. Make a quick read and imbibe these table manners for lifetime.

Table Layout

A sophisticated dinner calls for its guests to be elite and up to date with their mannerism. Here’s a quick guide:

Table Etiquette

  • Sit straight. And your elbows should not rest on the table.
  • Place the napkin on your lap or tie it on to your neck.
  • Wait before everybody is served.
  • Always ask for the item to be passed, don’t try reaching out for it yourself.
  • Carry your food to your face and not otherwise.
  • Let there be conversation wherein everybody gets to participate.
  • Remember to say ‘Excuse Me’ when you leave the table.
  • Most importantly send a ‘Thank You’ note to your host and don’t delay it more than a day after the event.

Table Etiquette

Elude class by practicing these basic yet important etiquette the next time you get invited.